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Resounding Echoes owner, Cori

Cori is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She is also a certified yoga instructor. Read on to find out more about her!

About Cori

Cori obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Communication Disorders from Emerson College in Boston, MA in 2012. She graduated from the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT in 2015 with her Master's of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. After a year working at a skilled nursing facility in Vermont, Cori returned to her home state of Maine in 2016. She worked at several hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout the state, but continuously craved a more patient-focused approach than was offered in these settings. After cultivating her own talents and passions in holistic health, wellness, and energetic work, Cori recognized a gap in her field of Speech-Language Pathology. She began Resounding Echoes in 2022 to bridge the gap between whole body health and speech therapy-- uniting mind and body in the context of evidence-based, traditional SLP therapy.

Cori is happy to focus her private practice in therapy for adults with voice, speech, and swallowing challenges. Apart from clinical experience in these populations, Cori holds additional certifications and advanced training in the following modalities: 

Myofascial Release and Manual Therapy for Voice and Swallowing Disorders (2019)

Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy (2020)

Casper-Stone Confidential Flow Therapy (2020)

Phonation Resistance Training Exercises (PhoRTE) (2020)

Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs Training) (2022)

Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImp) (2018)

Her training in alternative modalities include:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (2018)

Reiki I and II (2018)

Biofield Tuning Foundations (2021)

Cori is always eager to learn more. You can expect additional trainings and certifications to be added to this list soon. Cori plans to add orofacial myofunctional therapy, Biofield Tuning, and Buteyko Method breathing to her offerings in the near future!

3 Fun Facts about Cori:

1. She is an avid hiker. She has summited Mount Katahdin a total of 8 times and completed the Long Trail in Vermont, a 272 mile trail that begins in Massachusetts and ends at the VT/Quebec border. She is currently working on the New Hampshire 48 peaks above 4,000 feet.

2. Cori has been organically gardening since 2012. In the coming year Cori plans to build out her homestead in the Western Maine mountains. Self-sufficiency and sustainability are ideals she continually strives for.

3. She is a very big "phan" of the Vermont band, Phish. Cori has been to over 70 shows since 2010 and won't stop anytime soon. *BONUS: The name "Resounding Echoes" comes from a Phish lyric in the song Silent in the Morning. 

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